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History of Ned Jackson, Inc.

Edward T Jackson, Jr, (Ned) opened his first tax office in 1946 in downtown Jacksonville, Fl at 133 Clay Street and eventually moved to 442 West Adams St. Years later the office then moved to 512 West Adams Street. In 2005, the office moved to its current location at 255 North Liberty Street.

Ned was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia. He set up a neighborhood law practice in Philadelphia, Pa. where he charged 1.00 for legal advice. This was part of what was called “The Neighborhood Law Experiment”.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, Ned joined the navy as a legal officer in the US Navy Jag Corps and served in Europe. After the war ended in 1945, and he returned home, he initially moved to Atlanta, GA and became a member of the State Bar of Georgia. After a short stay there, due to allergies, Ned moved to Jacksonville, Fl. While waiting to be accepted by the Florida Bar Association, Ned discovered a great need for an income tax preparation business and decided to open a tax office downtown on the corner of Clay and Adams Street. In addition to filing tax returns and practicing law, Ned sold toys out of his office. In 1951 he hired his future wife, Margaret, and her friend Martha Ann, to demonstrate the toys in front of the office on Adams St. Ned and Margaret married in 1951 in Tangiers, Morocco while vacationing there.

Ned’s tax office and law practice was one of the few that did not allow segregation during a time of racial segregation. His clients shared the same bathroom, water fountain and sat next to each other after taking a number to wait their turn.

He eventually opened six more offices, including one in Brunswick, Ga, one in Birmingham, AL, and one in Jacksonville Beach. The latter three have since closed, leaving four locations in Jacksonville. Ned’s philosophy in all his businesses was to help more people by charging lower fees. During the 60’s and the 70’s, Ned Jackson, Inc. was the largest tax office in NE Florida with over 10,000 tax clients, in part because his fees were so affordable and also because of his extensive knowledge of the tax code.

Ned’s two sisters, Mel and Bowie, also worked in his office and they eventually opened up their own tax offices in Charlotte, NC and Savannah, GA.

His two daughters, Suzanne Jackson and Melanie Jackson worked as preparers in the offices and each opened their own tax offices, respectively in Brunswick, Ga and St Simons Island, GA.

Ned Jackson, Inc. is owned by three of his children, Melanie Jackson, Edward Jackson, and Suzanne Jackson.

There are currently four tax offices in Jacksonville. The downtown Liberty Street location is open year-round and also offers bookkeeping services. Each office manager has extensive years of knowledge and experience. Their years of employment by Ned Jackson, Inc vary from at least 26 years to over 53 years of tax preparation.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your IRS and bookkeeping needs you may have.

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