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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Social Security taxable?

Social Security may or may not be taxable, it is based on other income.

How can I get my stimulus payment if I did not receive it?

If you qualify for the stimulus payment and did not receive it, you will receive it as a credit when you file your tax return (year 2020/2021). If you are generally not required to file a tax return, you would have to file a non-filers return to receive the payment.

Is unemployment taxable?

Unemployment is taxable. However, due to the  2020 Cares Act (Covid relief), an exemption of $10,200 of unemployment  was exempt for the year 2020 ONLY.

If I sale my home, do I report it as income?

Your main home has an exemption of $250,000 per taxpayer. As long as the taxpayer has lived there 2 out of the prior 5 years. Therefore if your profit is less than $250,000 ($500,000 MFJ) you do not report as income.
(Does not include second homes or rental property)

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