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Edward T Jackson, Jr (Ned) moved here, to Jacksonville, Fl, from Philadelphia, PA where he had a neighbor law practice, charging 1.00 for legal advice. In addition to opening a law practice downtown, he opened the first tax office in 1946 on the corner of Clay and Adams Street which at one time became the largest tax office in NE Florida serving over 10,000 tax clients.

It is still family owned and operated. We currently have four locations. All office managers are experts with extensive years of knowledge and experience employed by us from 26 years to over 53 years.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your IRS and bookkeeping needs you may have.

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With multiple offices around Jacksonville. We never too far away to serve your needs.

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(904) 781-3897 - 5680 Normandy Blvd. - Jacksonville, FL 32205

RE-OPENS in January 2025



(904) 768-4244 - 2805 Dunn Ave - Jacksonville, FL 32218

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(904) 725-3144 - 6510 Beach Blvd. - Jacksonville, FL 32216

RE-OPENS in January 2025



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